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Our free price tracker monitors, predicts, and compares the prices of millions of products every day and alerts you when prices drop, helping you decide when to buy.

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How It Works?

We track the prices of more than 90 million products every day, and saving money with us is a simple 3 step process…

Step 1

Search for a product

Start your product search by entering a product name or URL into our search box from any of your favorite online retailers that are currently supported by us.


Search for a product using our easy to use Bookmarklet, which can you can add to your browser by dragging the button below to your browser’s Bookmarks Bar:

Now, whenever you are browsing a product page at any of our supported stores, simply click on our “DigASale Price Predictions” Bookmark in your browser to set up sale alerts for that product and immediately view its price history and prediction data.

If you have trouble installing the Bookmarklet in your browser, visit our Bookmarklet page for complete instructions on how to do this.

Step 2

View Price History and Changes

Once you enter a product URL, we’ll show you a complete price history of the product along with other important details such as the lowest price, last few price changes, etc. that will help you decide if it’s the right time to buy the product or not.

Not only this, but our DigASale Deal Predictometer™ will even make a price prediction and give you a score based on the price history data we have collected, thus making sure that you are able to maximize your savings.

Step 3

Set up Price Drop and Sale Alerts

If you are not satisfied with the current price of the item, you can set up sale alerts and we will notify you via email/Twitter when your item is on sale at your desired price.

Supported Stores

DigASale is currently compatible with the following online retailers:

Here’s what our users are saying about us:

  • Getting your shopping fix doesn't have to be hard anymore. DigASale has almost everything you need to make the most out of your money when it comes to shopping online. Not only that, but the website comes with a great user interface and is very easy to use. Highly recommended!

    Kumar Kartikey Rastogi
    Kumar Kartikey Rastogi @kumar_488
  • I've been a Beta Tester for the website since its very early stages and I absolutely love it! If you enjoy buying things at a discount price, then DigASale is a website you will use time and time again. You can track your own products and they will send you an email as soon as the items go on sale, so you are always in the "know" and never too late. Don't think it can get any better than that!

    Rachit Goel New Delhi, India
  • Great site, nice idea... Really useful, loved it... keep up the good work..

    Rahul Chauhan
    Rahul Chauhan @phoenix101

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